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Crow Cut Card Designs creates unusual digital artwork for crafting, scrap-booking, decorating, inlay work, tattoos, and more!

We draw inspiration from the natural world, the birds and the bugs, flowers and clouds, the roots of trees and the twists of vines. Nature is capricious and has a sense of humor, but can be vicious as well. We try to appreciate all the complexity of the world, and imbue our work with some of those attributes.

While the designs can be used simply as displayable graphics, we plan them carefully with the other kinds of usages in mind: paper cut-outs, stencils, laser- or vinyl-cuts, silk screens, and more. We try to create designs that will cut beautifully whether you're using a Epilog, GlowForge, Cricut, Silhouette, or something else entirely.

While we may not have all of the fancy gear, every design has been successfully cut out on at least one device before it's published, so we can guarantee it works.

We provide the designs in vector format, so they can be easily scaled to the size you need for your project!

Greeting Cards

Latest designs

Cathedral V6
Cathedral V5
Cathedral V4
Cathedral V3
Crow Love
Live Lap Love

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Latest designs

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Shadow Theaters

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Haunted Forest
Mountain Storm
The Visit
Palace View

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Digital assets are licensed for personal use and small-run commercial use. You may sell physical products but may not distribute, alter or resell the digital files. For details, please view the full license text.

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