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Defining A-Beauty: Simple, but Effective

Defining A-Beauty: Simple, but Effective

You’ve heard of K-Beauty, maybe you’ve heard of J-Beauty, but have you heard about A-Beauty? Australian beauty takes inspiration from the Australian land, its wealth of natural resources, and the laid-back attitudes of the Aussies living on it. It’s all about keeping it simple, yet effective, and embracing the natural.


Natural ingredients

Australia is the birthplace of natural skincare, due in large part to fantastic natural resources at our fingertips. Indeed, at Sukin, we believe that everything we need can be found in nature and many of the ingredients we use are native to our Australian homeland, such as kakadu plum, quandong, and baobab seed.


Natural beauty

Australian Beauty is all about the natural beauty look and embracing the best version of yourself. Australians are focused less on looking perfect and more on enjoying life… and looking like it!


Keep it simple

A-Beauty opts for simple routines over complicated, multi-step regimens. Just a few, multi-tasking products is all the no-nonsense Aussie needs in our routine.


That’s right, we believe that all you really need is 3 great products in your routine. Here’s what we’re using to give us that Australian glow:


  1. Start and end your days with our Signature Foaming Facial Cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oils, without drying your skin out. The cleanser includes macadamia nut oil which is native to Australia and rich in nourishing fatty acids.


  1. The Signature Facial Moisturizer is your next step post-cleansing. Not only does it hydrate and soften the skin, but also soothes, refreshes, and protects the skin’s barrier. A multi-tasking hero!


  1. At night, after cleansing, follow up with a thicker moisturizer like our Signature Moisture Restoring Night Cream. This will do the heavy lifting by providing deeper hydration to keep skin nourished and improve texture.


With just a few quick steps, you can treat yourself and your skin to the best that A-Beauty has to offer, so you can live that laid-back, stress-free Aussie lifestyle.